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★Rules of Articles Request★


1. Requester could request paper/chapter UNLIMITEDLY one day following the rule of ONE PAPER/CHAPTER PER SUBJECT, first 5 requests are free in one day, over 5 need to be paid for 10 sdb.
2. Only journal areticle(5 sdb), ebooks chapter(30 sdb) and conference paper(30 sdb) are allowable here.
3. Request title includes article's full title name (please ebooks chapter and conference paper if request them) (required), then classified by HELP.
4. Requester must post your request CORECTLY according to systemic items requesting journal articles

5. When the request completing requester MUST choose the right answer at the bottom right corner of right floor within 24h.
6. It is prohibited to request ≥ 3 articles from same journal, requester will be deducted 10 credits (SDB) if violating.
7. Helper MUST claim when trying to help, and claim only one item each time.
8. Helper will get merited SDB and 1 WXZ (journal areticle) or 2 (ebooks chapter and conference paper).
9. Highly difficult help will get a additional reward of 1 WXZ and 25 SDB;
10. Solved subject MUST BE highlighted with green and overstriking by monitor to avoid repetitive work to other monitors.

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