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悬赏 [成功] 《地下建筑结构》考试重点 - [已解决] attachment New Analytical 6 天前 137 qingbuyujie 6 天前
悬赏 [成功] Blockade of RAGE-amphoterin signalling suppresses tumour growth and metastases. 新人帖 - [已解决] New longluye 6 天前 138 sample2007007 6 天前
悬赏 [成功] Ultra-compact air-mode photonic crystal nanobeam cavity integrated with bands. - [已解决] New shicheng 6 天前 127 sample2007007 6 天前
悬赏 Mid-infrared supercontinuum generation in multimode As2 Se3 chalcogenide phot... - [已解决] New shicheng 6 天前 127 wjw2016 6 天前
悬赏 Simultaneous measurement of refractive index and temperature based on SPR in ... - [已解决] New shicheng 6 天前 134 wjw2016 6 天前
悬赏 [成功] Ankle joint pressure changes in high tibial and distal femoral osteotomies - [已解决] New hjbpyzhn 6 天前 129 sample2007007 6 天前
悬赏 [成功] Histone deacetylase 9 as a negative regulator for choline acetyltransferase g... - [已解决] New 谁的青春不迷茫 6 天前 141 sample2007007 6 天前
悬赏 [成功] One-step construction of saturated six-membered rings directly using calcium ... - [已解决] New chengcj2008 6 天前 133 sample2007007 6 天前
悬赏 [成功] Advances in Synthetic Applications of Hypervalent Iodine Compounds - [已解决] New chengcj2008 6 天前 131 sample2007007 6 天前
悬赏 [成功] Blepharoptosis Reoperation With Combining Excision of Tarsus and Levator Muscle - [已解决] New 求助qq 6 天前 131 haojing 6 天前
悬赏 [成功] Full-dose Perindopril/Indapamide in the Treatment of Difficult-to-Control Hyp... - [已解决] New wying09 6 天前 126 haojing 6 天前
悬赏 [成功] Chimeric CYP21P/CYP21 and TNXA/TNXB genes in the RCCX module - [已解决] New 夏天的雪花 6 天前 135 ieecas 6 天前
悬赏 Immunomodulatory activity of microRNAs: potential implications for multiple m... - [已解决] New maygao 6 天前 233 maygao 6 天前
悬赏 [成功] A New Classification of Three-Dimensional Printing Technologies: Systematic R... - [已解决] New 求助qq 6 天前 131 lben85 6 天前
悬赏 [成功] Distribution Pattern of the Superior and Inferior Labial Arteries: Impact for... - [已解决] New 求助qq 6 天前 128 gyrowheel 6 天前
悬赏 基于生物相容性材料的3D打印骨骼修复技术的研究与应用 - [已解决] New 水墨云轩 6 天前 126 pnas2009 6 天前
悬赏 Stable Benzacridine Pigments by Oxidative Coupling of Chlorogenic Acid with A... - [已解决] New ywcomwy 6 天前 129 wjw2016 6 天前
悬赏 Integrating Nature, People, and Technology To Tackle the Global Agri-Food Cha... - [已解决] New ywcomwy 6 天前 129 wjw2016 6 天前
悬赏 Fucoxanthin Inhibits β-Amyloid Assembly and Attenuates β-Amyloid Oligomer... - [已解决] New ywcomwy 6 天前 128 wjw2016 6 天前
悬赏 [成功] Advances in Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Monogenic Disease and Aneuploidy - [已解决] New maoyan64 6 天前 126 wjw2016 6 天前
悬赏 Heart of Empire? Landscape, Space and Performance in Imperial London - [已解决] New 馅饼 6 天前 120 wjw2016 6 天前
悬赏 YY_T 0316-2016医疗器械 风险管理对医疗器械的应用 - [已解决] New 浪淘沙 6 天前 138 wjw2016 6 天前
悬赏 Probing nanoscale oxygen ion motion in memristive systems - [已解决] New tookey0116 6 天前 127 浪淘沙 6 天前
悬赏 一种快速简便测定植物蒸腾强度的方法—氯化钴纸法 - [已解决] New sophiesha 6 天前 122 tonyabcd 6 天前
悬赏 [成功] Safety of buprenorphine transdermal system in the management of pain in older... - [已解决] New 初学者 7 天前 345 haojing 7 天前
悬赏 Lysosomal degradation of endocytosed proteins depends on the chloride transpo... - [已解决] New skylightning 7 天前 132 gyrowheel 7 天前
悬赏 Characterization of the Bone Phenotype in ClC-7-Deficient Mice - [已解决] New skylightning 7 天前 130 wjw2016 7 天前
悬赏 [成功] 基于ArcGIS for Android福州市实时路况系统的实现 - [已解决] attachment New ljrlove2008 7 天前 133 wwjjdd 7 天前
悬赏 [成功] 基于实时路况数据的潮汐交通路段提取 - [已解决] New ljrlove2008 7 天前 136 wwjjdd 7 天前
悬赏 [成功] 基于天地图Web API的地物光谱库系统设计与实现 - [已解决] New ljrlove2008 7 天前 130 gyrowheel 7 天前
悬赏 Effect of Lewis Number on Nonlinear Extrapolation Methods+正式版 - [已解决] New Caesar 7 天前 236 gyrowheel 7 天前
悬赏 Effect of Heat-Loss Boundary on Flame Acceleration+正式版 - [已解决] New Caesar 7 天前 133 wwjjdd 7 天前
悬赏 zA Study of the Characteristics of Gaseous and Solid Residues+正式版 - [已解决] New Caesar 7 天前 126 wwjjdd 7 天前
悬赏 Stimulating creativity through artistic inspiration - [已解决] New highpolymer 7 天前 127 wjw2016 7 天前
悬赏 [成功] STUDY ON SYNTHESIS OF DIOCTYL TEREPHTHALATE FROM - [已解决] attachment New 伤不起2010 7 天前 733 伤不起2010 7 天前
悬赏 Measuring the Impacts of Teachers II: Teacher Value-Added and Student Outcome... - [已解决] New yezi001 7 天前 137 wwjjdd 7 天前
悬赏 Measuring the Impacts of Teachers I: Evaluating Bias in Teacher Value-Added E... - [已解决] New yezi001 7 天前 134 wwjjdd 7 天前
悬赏 [成功] Characterization of Paint by Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy - [已解决] attachment disagree henry77 2015-9-1 468 niyh321 7 天前
悬赏 [成功] 光学教程(姚启钧) 第5章 光的偏振-1 - [已解决] New shicheng 7 天前 133 lben85 7 天前
悬赏 [成功] 中国成人血脂异常防治指南(2016年修订版) - [已解决] New xiyu 7 天前 131 sample2007007 7 天前


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